Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Questions of Faith Blog

I have submitted a comment to the ABC's 'Questions of Faith' blog in the hope of defining the boundaries of what constitutes ridicule when it comes to a religious argument (see this post for the first mention of it). I think it's important to get a lot of feedback on this. On one hand I certainly don't want to be accused of heaping ridicule on something if it is not warranted. On the other hand, I know there must be situations in which it is warranted.

Margaret Coffey is the one I have directed my question to, and I hope we can have some back and forth. Or at the very least, one back.

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  1. I think most if not all "religions" (as opposed to personal belief structures of a spiritual nature) are worthy of ridicule in one or more aspects. Speaking only for myself, I think that Jehovah as portrayed in the Bible is not only wrathful and jealous, but also ridiculous. After all, it's a bit weird isn't it to go around demanding people demonstrate their love by murdering their firstborn children.

    And how ridiculous is it that one would lose ones temper with a fig tree that bears no fruit out of season, to the extent that one "withers" the tree?

    Gods and religions are fair game as much as anyone or anything else. Nor would they want it any other way. After all, it would be a sin not to criticise something that is worthy of criticism.

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